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You are getting married – now what?

Not sure what sort of help you might need to plan your perfect Wedding?
Book a FREE 30min Discovery Call to find out

If it’s a little bit of help or a lot, let me see how I can help you with your wedding planning. Remove the stress, save time and money and get some help for an expert. Lets see if your very own Hidden Bridesmaid is exactly what you need  – she will listen, she will follow up and she will get things done!


Meet  Melissa

Our fabulous Founder, Melissa Dunbar, has over 30 years’ experience in the events industry. 

​Having done dinner for the Queen, Galas for Big Brands and Celebrities alike along with 4 Day and Celebrity Weddings, she knows a thing or two about creating your perfect day. 

Her passion for creating the picture-perfect wedding without the excessive stress or costs, inspired Hidden Bridesmaid.

Founder | Expert with 30+ Years of Professional Experience In Events

Planning your wedding should be stress free and fun….it can be with a little bit of help. See how…

See what Brides and Grooms have said about their very own Hidden Bridesmaid…


We would have never known where to start. Oh, actually we did…..we called you and you became our very own Hidden Bridesmaid.

How do you keep up, as there is so much to do? Because of you we had the best 4 day wedding a couple could ever dream of!



Thank you for being part of our special day,

our Hidden Bridesmaids. It truly was more than we could have ever dreamed of  thanks to people like you…..the best in the business.


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