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One on One time that' is yours

Getting married is one of the most exciting events of your life, but it is also one of the most stressful. 

Your Hidden Bridesmaid will be there to make sure your Wedding Day is planned right down to the minute, so all you need to do is just focus on being the Bride!


When you start planning your Wedding, you will start with more questions than answers, and that’s ok – as this is the place where you can get all the answers. You will get them quick, fast and easy from a professional who has been there before and only wants the best for you, your very own Hidden Bridesmaid.


What you will get:

1. One on one time with an expert to solve all of those pre-planning dilemmas.

2. Industry know-how to show you instantly how to negotiate to your own advantage.

3. Advocacy and support just for you.

4. Things done – start ticking off that list, rather than adding to it.

5. The Ultimate Wedding Bundle – our templates for you to use as your planning tools​.

a. The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

b. Wedding Week and on the Day Minute by Minute Run Sheet Template

c. Wedding Speech Tips for MC and Speakers

d. Covid 19 Checklist and Compliance (we don’t want you      getting fined!)

6. Focus Sheets – What’s your WHY – a little bit of homework!

7. Times set to your schedule and your timetable from wherever you are getting the help you need – a little or a lot!

How your sessions work:

Once you have selected your 3 session or 5 session package and paid through the shopping cart, we will send you a link to book in your first One on One session in the diary at a time that is convenient to you.


Your sessions are structured to go over what you really want on your Wedding Day, we set a milestone plan to keep everything on track for your planning. From there, your Hidden Bridesmaid is there to work through the areas you need support with, she gives you the direct information you need to get on with the task of planning your special day, saving time, money and absolutely taking that stress away.


At the conclusion of each session, your Hidden Bridesmaid will email you notes, tools and or contacts that enable you to get on with your planning, knowing you are doing it with professional support and advice. She will then send you a link for you to book in your next session, when that’s convenient to you.

Your Hidden Bridesmaid will listen, she will give you the answers to follow up and help you get things done.


Are you ready? Lets get started!

3 Sessions

5 Sessions

Top Up Session

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*To make it easy for you, your payment for all sessions is made once.

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