Don’t let hundreds or thousands of dollars go missing!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Have you set your wedding budget? Have you tried to fit everything in? It's harder than you think right?

Depending on where you source your numbers from, the average Australian is $36,000 – we have seen numbers much higher than that, even for small intimate celebrations!

One of the biggest expenses of your wedding will be your venue. No matter whether it’s a hotel, a vineyard, a backyard….the majority of the costs go into your venue.

Scary right?

It's doesn’t need to be. We wanted to share our TOP 5 tips when negotiating with your venue – to keep that price down and save, save, save!

  1. Room Hire – if there is a minimum catering and beverage spend, this is often waived, but you need to ask….and sometimes push back politely and ask again for this to be waived.

  2. Gone are the days really where the audio-visual company has an exclusive contract with a venue – often you can scale back what you need here. Research a local music shop hire like Derringers and ask them for the price of a small PA. The other option for this cost to be removed, is ask your DJ to bring in an extra speaker or two, use their mic and stand for your speeches, and your venue will have a lectern on site you can borrow.

  3. Beverage packages – this is another one where it can get out of hand. On consumption versus a package is really about whether you have big drinkers in your guest list or not. If they are restrained and enjoy a glass or two, then perhaps consumption is best. There is an industry formula that is used to equate the numbers and it's there to favour the venue.

  4. Theming – what does the venue have on site that you can use, re-purpose or re-position. You can save on furniture hire for some elements or indeed create additional little vignettes to bring additional features to your set up.

  5. Our final tip is around what the venue will be about their preferred supplier list. Contact them, but ask to pay bills directly and note that you don’t want to be paying for booking commissions or the like – you want to pay the cost price.

These negotiations are tricky, but you can save hundreds and in some cases thousands when negotiating with the venue.

Drop us a line if you have a burning question that you would like us to help you with to get your venue negotiations off to a great start –

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