Fit it all in!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

I can seem to fit it all in – can you help?

When you start planning your wedding your Hidden Bridesmaid will always encourage you to add everything you have ever wanted to have – list it all.

Then, you need to decide what you keep.

The best way to do this is to work out first and foremost why you are getting married. Yes, the first answer should be “I love this person and want to be committed to them and us for the rest of my life and then the second answer you are looking for is what is important to me”.

Allow yourself to list 5 things that are important to you for your day. Here are some tips…

  • To have my family there

  • To ensure I get to speak with every guest

  • To share our love of the water, or the vineyard or the farm

  • For one day to make sure that everything is done for me

  • For one day not have to worry or stress about anything other than enjoying every moment….

You get the picture!

This will help you put aside that amazing balloon ride arrival, the expensive venue, the over the top flowers including that arbour installation…again, you get the picture. You will start to be able to put ideas aside and only keep the ones that really will express or allow you to have the perfect day that you really want.

Some elements you will stress over, some elements you will never remember, some elements you will never see – so don’t allocate your precious time and budget to them.

And the last tip on this topic – is keep one thing in your wedding day that is a complete indulgence. That will be something different for everyone of you – but you will only get married for the first time once, so allow yourself that one off treat to ensure that this really is a magical time in your life.

As you are planning your perfect wedding, you might need my perfect wedding planner - this is my free gift to you!

Your Hidden Bridesmaid….


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