How to decide your wedding look and location


It can all come down the "look" you are after...a Winter Wonderland or a Hot Summers Night! But, it may also be a consideration for guest attendance or available dates for your favourite venue.

Whatever the reason....consider these things when selecting the season.

  • Select a season that makes sense for you - if you don't like the heat, then don't pick January;

  • Do you have an anniversary date that is special?

  • Are their special guests travelling from interstate and or overseas that you really want to attend?

  • Consider what you everlasting photographs will be like - the light will make things look different;

  • Be flexible - as changing seasons may save you a lot off money off some of your big ticket items, like your venue.


I ask all my newly engaged couples this question - WHY? And, the answer cannot be "because we are in love"! That's the obvious thing, but why do you want to get married?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Is it important to start your "new life together"

  • Is it about commitment?

  • Is it so you can start your own family?

  • Is it because your best friend is?

  • Is it for your own - the two of you - own reasons or are you doing it out of expectation?

When you can answer these questions, honestly, you have just created you framework that will help you make all your decisions.

When the going gets tough in the planning process, always come back to your why!

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