How to select your day, date and time.

Updated: Jun 21

The very first thing that is settled on after your season is the 3 most simple things in the planning of any event - the DAY, DATE and TIME!

  • Come up with a couple of dates that work for the two of you;

  • Check with the next most important people as to their availability - it might be your parents, it might be your Bridal party;

  • Do you have an anniversary date that is special and is it a good idea to double up or stay well away?

  • Does that date fall on a long weekend or random public holiday?

  • Do consider next your guests travelling from interstate and or overseas that you really want to attend? If people are flying in from interstate, do you really want a morning wedding which will add stress to their day?

  • Again, be flexible - as often weekday weddings will "afford you so much more";

  • Can you get time off work or away from your business at that time?


As soon as you have set the date (and sometimes without the location or the time) send out a digital message or an email or a formal card with SAVE THE DATE!

When planning your wedding there are certain traditions and etiquette to follow and with your new partner there certainly may be cultural requirements that need consideration - but whatever you do, don't get stuck on those. As soon as you have locked in your venue, which secures your date (don't forger that bit) be sure to share that with your nearest and dearest.