If You're Thinking 'I'm Engaged, Now What?

Congratulations, you're just engaged! As a new fiancé, you might be wondering, "I just got engaged—now what?" Before you start to stress, we're here to help. If you're newly engaged, you might feel a bit overwhelmed about what to do next. Here, we'll give you the first "just got engaged" steps you need to know.

Enjoy Your Engagement

Don’t feel pressured to start calling people or making decisions right away—everything can wait. Instead, pop a bottle of champagne, cry together, laugh together, do your favorite puzzle…whatever! Just close yourselves up into your engagement bubble for as long as you want to and revel in the beauty of the moment. You’ll be glad you did.

Announce to family, then friends that are like family, then everyone else.

The first step after you're just engaged is to share the happy news. Take as much time as you want. Some couples want to tell everyone as soon as possible, while others might prefer to keep the news a secret before going public. When you're ready to share, there are some people who should be told before you post on social media.

Set a budget

There’s no denying it, weddings can be pretty spendy. From venues to catering to your dream dress, it all adds up. Fast. We can’t emphasize enough how important setting a budget is, and the sooner you do it, the easier planning will be and the more likely you’ll be to stick to it!

Get Organized

When you're ready to start planning, the first step is to organize your wedding information. Start in downloading our Free Ultimate Wedding checklist. If you also like to write notes, get a wedding binder to keep important documents, copies of contracts and receipts. You can have an easy planning process by staying organized from the beginning.

Think about your wedding timeline.

We recommend setting aside time with your new “fiance” to plan together….or at least discuss the parameters and the budget.

Don't let wedding planning overtake date night, as it's still important for the two of you to enjoy time together that's not focused on the wedding. By allotting time to strictly focus on planning, you'll accomplish more together instead of scrambling.

Once you've taken care of these starting points, you'll be well-prepared to dive into planning your wedding.

Get inspired!

You don’t have to lock down any solid wedding plans until you’re good and ready, but it’s a great idea to start gathering inspiration and checking out wedding websites and magazines. The style of your wedding is what guests will remember for years to come, so think about what kind of couple you are, and what you want your wedding to say about you.

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