Negotiation - its a big deal!

Part of planning your wedding is setting a budget, then you need to try to stick to it.

Your wedding day is probably the most expensive event you'll ever pay for: the average wedding cost more than $35,000 – and that's without counting the honeymoon. Between the venue, catering, the dress, and all the extras that make it unique, you'll probably be spending tens of thousands of dollars, even if you look for savings.

Here are a few of our favourite tips when it comes to negotiating with vendors:

  1. Always ask, is this a fixed price

  2. Do they offer a discount for paying up front?

  3. Is there a different price for on or off peak dates?

  4. Do they word mid-week and are rates cheaper mid-week or during the day time?

  5. Do they have packages where they bundle up services or offerings?

  6. Is there any part of the service you can do yourself? Eg, with a venue, can you supply the wine? With a photographer, can you have digital images and you print your own? With the theming, can you get your girlfriends together to assist with centre pieces? With your dress being made, could you do the beading?

Many couples pay the asking price for these items, missing out on the significant discounts that may be available if they had only reached out and asked.

So why don't you just ask!

You can download our VENUE NEGOTIATION Toolkit for tips and tricks on how you can negotiate your wedding venue.

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