Planning for Christmas or Planning to Propose?

As we all sort out our final planning for Christmas…..does your’s include a secret proposal?

It's a time of year when little surprises (or big ones) can be most memorable…so we wanted to share with you some tips just to get the little things right!

  • If you have purchased the ring, I am sure that you made sure you could return it, swap it over and get it resized? Most good jewelers do, so I am sure that is fine.

  • If you haven’t purchased the ring, then that's ok…..what is the substitute? You might get creative with a card, a letter, a hint….or a “you choose” somewhere in your proposal - you don’t need the ring to propose.

  • What is special about your proposal? We are not saying that it needs to be the perfect moonlit night with rose petals following you, but it does and should have meaning. Is it as location that is meaningful to you? Is it a time of day or year?

  • What do your words say? If you are not good with remembering all the meaningful stuff off the cuff, then perhaps a hand written letter is for you…or card, or recorded message?

Whatever it is… are our top 5 tips to include with your proposal

  1. Pick a location that is meaningful

  2. Spend some time choosing your words that you want to say - maybe a letter or a card to read works well for you too

  3. Take your time with it - nerves and butterflies will be there with you

  4. Ring - no ring - that doesn’t matter as you might need to change it over or get it resized. A big costume jewelry ring will also work

  5. Record the moment! The surprise is extraordinary and a moment in time, never to forget.

I do hope that Santa leaves you something nice under the tree this year!

Oh when you say ues, what do you do next???

We will explain that in the new year.

If you can’t wait, then you can book in a call to ask us - as I am sure we can help.



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