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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Intimate Settings

Smaller and more intimate weddings may have become more popular during the last 12 months with all the restrictions – but they can still be all you imagined – in fact, they may be more than you imagined!

With the pandemic changing things for couples all over the world, why not plan for a more intimate wedding from the start rather than having to chop and cut and change at the last minute?

There are a few things that you need to do immediately – no matter what the size of your wedding or the date:

  • Select a venue and check out their restrictions; do they have a plan B – eg a larger room or an outdoor location that you can take up first, rather than have to change

  • Because you will have less people there, you may well be able to upgrade your floral or your theming, or allocate that money to you Honey Moon, or better still that new piece of furniture for your “together” residence

  • The third thing we would encourage you to do is to take the time to make sure that every detail is personal; you have time to get invitations done, don’t email them; you can hand write letters of thanks, rather than type them up and sign them; you can also get involved in perhaps preparing some of the theming yourself with your bridesmaids!

Just because it might be smaller, remember why you are there, celebrating with those you mean the world to you today.

Don’t forget too – if it’s a little bit of help or a lot, you can still hire a wedding planner, your very own Hidden Bridesmaid to ensure that you are achieving everything you want.

As you are planning your perfect wedding, you might need my perfect wedding planner - this is my free gift to you!

Your Hidden Bridesmaid….


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