The Perfect Pair, your Wedding Shoes

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

I always start planning any outfit from the ground up! Yes, I start with the shoes. When it comes to your wedding day there is no doubt that your dress is the central focus….and I am sure you have spent hours and hours researching, trying them on, getting opinions and then making sure it suits you….BUT….what carries you around all day?

Your shoes!

Harry Selfridge, an icon of retail in particular women's fashion says “you can tell a lot about a women by taking a glimpse at her shoes”! In Selfridges today, one of London's biggest department stores, they sell over 4000 different pair - imagine going in there to decide on the perfect pair for your dress….!

Firstly, they need to fit. Just don't fall in love with them if they are not the perfect size. Secondly, make sure they have the perfect heel height for your dress length as you don’t want to be tripping on your dress all day….and thirdly, if you cannot walk in them for hours, have a second pair there, just as fabulous but less bling and more comfort.

Here are a few fashion styles to consider - let us know your favourite.

Cute Bows

Do you remember the ultimate ponytail accessory from your childhood? Yes, the bow! Well, it’s back and in a major throwback to the carefree days, it has made its way to the bridal shoe fashion.

Bridal Boots

Some brides choose a classic pair of wedding shoes with a low heel on their wedding day, others are brave enough to wear the ultimate heels. And then there are boot….yes they would the perfect pair for a country or bohemian dress style, don’t cross them off the list just yet.

Sneaker with lace

The trend of 2021 is to wear a wedding sneaker with dresses of any kind. Add some lace and you could consider sneakers with lace as the ultimate comfort shoe.

Personalize wedding shoes

Wedding ceremonies are personal. Your vowels, your speeches, the things you include in your day….well, your shoes can be too. A major trend for 2021 when it comes to wedding shoe ideas is personalising the soles of a bride’s (or groom’s) shoes.

Crystal Back wedding shoes

Crystal is the new black. While 2019 was all about clean lines and minimalistic design - as inspired by Meghan Markle, 2021 is all about glitter embellishments and bling to brighten your world. Head-to-toe sequins, beading and metallic embellishments….just make sure there is some level of comfort.

PS My final tip about your wedding shoes is to make sure that you have worn them a few times to make sure that there are no blisters that are going to pop up, the leather or fabric has softened and molded to your feet and that the sole has been scratched up to avoid slipping.

Remember, its 12 hours in these shoes, so make a good decision.

Send us in your photos of your shoes….we are creating a collage to share with all of our Brides!

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