To hire or not to hire - a wedding planner!

“Wishing and hoping and waiting” are all fine to sing along to when you are getting engaged, but they are the last things you want to live by when its time to start planning your wedding!

Getting married will be one the best days of your grown up life….but if I hear you from here, you are thinking it could also be the worst.

Getting organised is imperative - but what if you don’t know where to start? Like anything you do thats you if you want to get it right the first time, or you don’t want to have to unpick your errors or worse you get it wrong - we engage some help.

Here are some of the questions to ask yourself when you are pondering if you should get some help and think about hiring a wedding planner

  1. Will your venue and suppliers help you plan your wedding? No. They will fulfill their part of the job, but its you that needs to pull them all together.

  2. If I allow 6-8 weekends to get everything sorted, will that be enough? No. You actually need at least 24 weekends if you are working full time and have a life.

  3. How much will this all cost and how do I know I am getting value for money? Well, you don’t. There are so many pitfalls when it comes to planning your wedding as there is a lot to pay for - expert help will sort out with you what you need, want and should pay for and discard all the other stuff, saving you thousands.

  4. What if I miss things and mess things up? Well, you do. There are hundreds of decisions to make when planning your wedding….have you got them covered, have you got a system for filing them, have you got a system for getting all your ducks in a row? Your wedding planner will.

  5. Can I afford one? I say, can you afford not to have one. If you get the right planner, they will save their fee as you go….well that’s what we do at Hidden Bridesmaid….we save time, money, angst, stress and getting it wrong!

If you have invested hours and hours and thousands and thousands of dollars into your wedding day - have you remembered everything, have you organised everything, have you looked after everyone else?

Well, I am guessing you have - but who looks after you?

To find out more its the click of al ink or the cost of 15minutes of you time. Thats a tiny investment to find out your right, right?

Book in here to find out more….If it’s a little bit of help, or a lot… really is just a phone call away.

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