Wedding Cake - Tradition or Trend?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Did you love William and Kates wedding cake? They actually had to take out a door in Buckingham Palace in order to fit the trolley through so they could build on the base! (The Queen was slightly amused, "as long as it went back on"….the rumour goes!)

Where did the "wedding cake" tradition come from?

Back in Shakespearean days, when a Bride was married guests would bring a “bun” and add them to a pile - the more buns, more popular she was in her village. Can you imagine that - how would that work in today’s world? As time went on icing was invented and they were “stuck together” to form a tower - again, the higher the tower, the more popular she was - you get my drift.

As per William and Kates cake, it was instructed to be white only, with no colour. Part of that is about showing restraint and part of that links back to a tradition linked to Victorian times or purity. Kate also gave their cake decorators detailed instructions to include 17 different blooms and foliage for their meaning or symbolism - known as the ‘language of flowers’.

Like many traditions, they evolve over time.

The cutting of the wedding cake as part of the ceremonial part of the day acts as the first time the couple does something together as a “married couple”. It is so interesting to research where these traditions come from - but today, so many more options are available to you - the sky's the limit!

Creative cake designers these days are incorporating all kinds of new shapes, colours, patterns, techniques and materials to meet the requests and creativity of new couples.

To make it just that little bit easier to find your perfect slice, we've gathered four of our delicious wedding cake trends together in one place.

1. Unique Geode Wedding Cakes

A “geode” cake is a cake designed to look like a geode or a crystallized rock structure. Geode cakes are typically crafted with rock candy and can be made to accommodate any size and colour preferences.

2. Translucent Isomalt Design

Isomalt is blended with other sweeteners for a sweet flavour. It is edible and tooth-friendly. Isomalt cake toppers are the 2021 wedding cake trend that we are falling for.

3. A Touch of Metallic

We especially love the contrast of ultra-contemporary gold or silver tiers paired with classic ruffled accents—the mix of old and new is perfect for a couple that favours tradition and trend.

4. Brush Stroke Wedding Cake

These modern chocolate decorations are known as brushstrokes or feathers is one of the 2021 wedding trending cakes. Multiple brushstrokes in pastel or muted hues are added on the wedding cake for the drama.

Your wedding cake can be a work of art these days….but here is a tip - if you are trying to save a little bit of money - your cake can be made out of polystyrene, decorated and the cake that you serve, is made as a slab, cut and served. Ask your caterer, it's a little left field, but a good tip if you want to use your budget for something else.

Out of the four of our favourite designs for this month - which one do you love? email - we would love to hear your thoughts!

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