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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

It’s one of the first things you will think about once that ring is on your finger! It's also one of the most important decisions you make in planning your wedding...think about all of those photos and posts out there - with you in “that dress”!

What some people may not know about me is that I was originally qualified as a Fashion Designer. Three years in college. First you learn to draw basic shape in the form of the body. Then you learn what shapes (clothes) look different on different shapes (the body). Once you have mastered that you need to learn how to make the paper shapes (the patterns) to then cut out the fabric shapes to form the “toile” which is practice garment so you can adjust and re-adjust to make sure the shape is right, then you do all of that again with the real fabric to produce the final garment.

All of that to go into one frock?!?!

Yep, all of that thought, trial and error, adjustment, realignment, fabric selection, cut, drape and fall - so that when it goes on the right woman, it celebrates her!

One of the biggest tips I can give you with all that technical information in mind - is please choose a dress that suits your shape “now”. Not the idea you have carried with you forever, not the dress that you loved on a celeb pic….and certainly not the dress you saw in a window once.

Then of course we all get swayed by trends. Some we like to dig up and some we love to be current. For 2021, based on everything else being a little dull in life, this year and into next it's all about sparkles mixed with the practical. All over beading, crop tops, oversized classic jackets and jumpsuits. Now, it your don’t look brilliant in all of this - then take elements if you want to be on trend - or go with the style that suits you.

Oh….and one last tip. If you inclined to buy online and expect a dressmaker, like me to “fit it to you” so it fits like a glove… one size bigger and expect the alterations to cost as much or more than the dress. Just at tip - as we undoing, re-cutting, fitting, re-sewing and fitting it again....perhaps you just get it made for you to fit your shape from the start. Or, here is my last tip - take the picture of the dress and find a local dressmaker to make it for you.

As you are planning your perfect wedding, you might need my perfect wedding planner - this is my free gift to you!

Your Hidden Bridesmaid.


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