Its a little bit funny…..says Elton John - but it is really - those things in life we just accept and don’t question! Well Halloween got us thinking a little about the traditions and superstitions that are part of such a glorious day.

Have you ever wondered why a bride wears a veil or how a "something borrowed" has become a wedding-day must-have? Whilst some continue to be popular today, there are some wonderfully weird and wacky superstitions that will definitely surprise you!

Don’t let anyone try your engagement ring

It is said that you should not let anyone else try on your engagement ring! Doing this would mean that your wedding may not go ahead. This is because that person will have stolen your happiness and luck, and your fiancés heart. We definitely don't want that.

Seeing Each Other Before The Wedding

It is common knowledge that you are not meant to see your partner before the wedding. This originated with arranged marriages. The fear was that this may give the couple a chance to change their minds about getting married….so you didn’t get to judge the package!

Rain on your wedding day

There is debate that it is good luck for it to rain on your wedding day. Whilst this is often said to add a positive spin to this wedding fiasco, there is also superstition attached to it. The rain is said to symbolise fertility, as well as growth and cleansing…..I often think its associated to tears of joy from the angels.

Crossing a Nun or Priests Path

Stay away from religious figures before the wedding! A bride that passes a Priest or Nun is said to be cursed with infertility and poverty for life.

Breaking Glass

In Italy, many newlyweds smash a vase or glass at their wedding, and they put a lot of muscle into it, too. The tradition says that however many pieces the glassware breaks into will symbolize how many years they'll be happily married.

A Spider On Your Wedding Dress

Finding an eight-legged creature on your gorgeous gown might seem like a wedding-day nightmare, but English folklore tells us that finding a spider on your wedding dress is good luck.

Wearing a Veil

If you’re wearing a veil, good luck is coming your way. According to superstition, the veil hides the face of the bride, protecting her from evil spirits. Think twice before asking your groom to lift the veil from your face… part of an ancient wedding ritual symbolising the groom taking possession of his wife!

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