Wedding Venue Options to Consider

If you are on my email data list, you will have read one of the emails in the last week which talked about the first few decisions you make onces you get engaged. One of them is deciding on the venue for your Wedding Ceremony and your Wedding Reception.

I suggested you think about or imagine if you will taking a bunch of people who are nearest and dearest to you out for dinner and picking up the tab - at around $20-$30k!@ WOW! OUCH! So putting time and thought into this step and maybe getting a little bit of help (and negotiation support) might be handy.

We thought we would share with you some of our thoughts around Wedding Venues and some trends that might help you with that search.

ANSWER these questions first:

  1. Think about the time of year you want to get married - and why

  2. What colours do you want in you photos - autumnal, clear blue skies - they will help you set the time of year

  3. What time of day do you want to have your Wedding - again think about what you see in your photos

  4. Formal, informal, stand up, sit down, mixing and mingling, restful and relaxed

  5. Food and beverage options - prepared and served, shared, get it yourself, local produce, imported, home cooking

  6. Budget - what are you prepared to spend on this night out to dinner with your nearest and dearest?

Sometimes these questions can be daunting to answer, or you don't really know how much things cost or what you can mix or match together without things looking like or feeling like a dog's breakfast….so maybe jump on a call with your Hidden Bridesmaid and get a little bit of help from her. With her experience she will be able to help you unpack these answers and work out what's best for you.

Below are a few Wedding Day options for you to consider to help you work out what style venue might be best for you.


A traditional venue life a Hotel or Function venue have a lot to offer - but its not just a Hotel or Function space that you might want to investigate. Look further than these options - look wider geographically and see what you find. If you need certainty, no weather contingencies, geographical convenience, simple choices - this is the option for you. Don’t worry - simple doesn't mean plain Jane….be sure to get your Hidden Bridesmaid to spend more of their time with you on your theming and the little things here - layer upon layer will turn your day in to magic!


Relaxed, intimate, no formal end time - a celebration in the place you are most comfortable - who doesn’t love a backyard wedding? A backyard wedding allows you to have an intimate interaction with the guests and family and you can slow down and enjoy a special moment with your loved ones. Having a backyard wedding is perfect for a couple who is looking for a budget-friendly outdoor wedding venue. You don’t have to spend money to secure the venue since you’re going to hold the wedding in your own backyard.

Use those savings to put toward your theming, or go for Champagne instead of Sparkling….or simply bank the savings and use it on that kitchen renovation.


Rolling hills, vibrant greens, and plenty of natural light are just a few of the perks of hosting your wedding at a vineyard. As well as being picture perfect they offer venue locations from converted barns, to stone buildings, historical cottages and unique features of the surrounding environment. You also may be able to consider local produce and of course wines to make up a unique food and beverage package - just for you!


Beach weddings are so picturesque - but pick your seasons. Wet and wild winds are not your friend - crashing waves and big blues skies are. This may influence your dress and hair style, shoes (or no shoes) and a soft relaxed colour palette with your theming. If you choose this, remember to have a contingency if the weather is bad. Or just add this to your photo shot list and visit the beach for an hour or so on your wedding day for those magical sunset (or sunrise) photos.

As you are planning your perfect wedding, you might need my perfect wedding planner - this is my free gift to you!



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