What Does A Wedding Planner Do? And do I really need one?

Its such an interesting question, don’t you think?

I have to say though, I have seen it time and time again... a Bride who in her everyday life, loves being organised….she's got her dream wedding in her head - something she's been pining over for years, but now its time to plan it, deliver it - oh and enjoy it!

If this sounds like you though... ask yourself: is this kind of pressure and responsibility something you want resting on your shoulders the day of your wedding? …….On YOUR special day?"

I didn’t think so.

When you are the Bride, not only are you the star of the show but you are the one that has the intimate knowledge of all of the pre-planning – whether it’s a little bit of help, or a lot…..imagine how stress free and fun your wedding could be if you had that help.

The most important things we do at Hidden Bridesmaid as your Wedding Planner is:

  1. Build a plan for you, so you know what to do in your pre planning and by when (and of course the Wedding Planner should be getting on with doing the doing)

  2. Negotiate on your behalf to maximise how far your budget will go, always keeping your WHY top of mind and asking the hard questions

  3. Be an advocate for the Bride and Groom – be that one person who stands up for you and fights for what you want (tactfully) when negotiating with suppliers and family

  4. Sort out a budget with you – what to save on and what to spend on

  5. Offer that professional guidance for the event delivery, no matter whether is back yard or 5 star hotel

Those are my top 5 things that we expect here of our Hidden Bridesmaids, because they are the things that make a real difference for you.

Oh, and whilst you watch that stress melt away off your brow and your shoulders drop with relief….here are a few other things that we can and also do here at Hidden Bridesmaid.

  • Save you money so you can go on that honey moon you want to

  • Sourcing suppliers – venues, hire, catering, beverage etc

  • Creating styling options – offer you looks to select from

  • Establish and monitor your budget

  • Review contracts, pricing and supplier documentation

  • Negotiate best price from suppliers

  • Create your minute by minute run sheet

  • Remember all the things you forget

  • Share with the you all the things you don’t know – and why would you – its your first time being the Bride

  • Share advice on MC, speeches, etiquette, family inclusions, traditions

  • Mediate with family - its can be tough to have them involved, but not overpowering you and what you want

  • Be there on the day to manage the bump in and out

  • And so much more…..

The list is long – and if you have downloaded the only wedding checklist you will ever need – you will see just how much your Wedding Planner can help you with – or do for you.

What we really want at Hidden Bridesmaid, is for the Bride and Groom to have the best day of their lives so far!

How do you do that with a clipboard in your hand on your perfect wedding day?

For a very limited time (and for those Brides who qualify) I am offering a 15 minute wedding planning session.

The goal of this call?

Well, its simple….

Its to give you one piece of advice from a Wedding Planner that you can use right away and you will feel the overwhelm melt away.

The information on that call will be specific, it will relate to you and you can immediately use it.

That’s it.

Now, in order to achieve this goal in 15 minutes, the call will be structure as follows:

  • First, I am going to ask you some simple questions about where you are at with your wedding planning so far

  • (Don’t worry – nothing too complex – and its ok if you haven’t started!) And then second….

  • Based on the answers you share; I will let you know exactly what you need to do to ensure you can get started with your pre-wedding planning…

And in fact….

I will spell it out step by step….

Oh and you know the best thing – there is nothing on this call to sell at all = no sales pitch, no signing up…it is 100% free.

So if you would like to book in your Discovery Call for free and see what a Wedding Planner, a Hidden Bridesmaid could do for you….simply book in and we would love to chat.

Your Hidden Bridesmaid...she will listen, she will follow up and she will get things done.

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