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With so much planning that goes into your wedding, have you covered everything off? Have you made sure everyone knows exactly what they are to do? And on the day, are you event managing your own wedding, or are you actually going to be the bride and enjoy your wedding?


Getting professional help form the start to take on the work load for you will be the best decision you make – after saying “YES” to “I-DO”! 


Extend your time with your Hidden Bridesmaid and let them pick up the workload whilst you keep control over the decision making and focus on the things that are important to you. 


We do the work, you watch your stress will simply melt away. 


What you get:


  1. One on one-time with online sessions (5) with an event expert to solve all of those pre-planning dilemmas including a host of cheat sheets to answer all your questions for all of those wedding pre-planning dilemmas. Times are set in your schedule to suit your timetable from wherever you are, your Hidden Bridesmaid is there just for you

  2. Planning framework for your decision making with your wedding planning using our TIE THE KNOT IN TEN STEPS system to ensure we remember everything - your Wedding To-Do Plan so you know where are up to each step of the way – what we do and a few steps for you to take   

  3. Set and help you manage your wedding budget with all of your suppliers confirmed to the last cent, detail and second

  4. Advocacy and support every step of the way for you as the Bride

  5. Things done – we will start ticking off that list, rather than adding to yours, with work done for you; and when its your turn, we have a host of cheat sheets and lists for you to follow

  6. Industry knowhow to instantly make sure there is nothing forgotten for your perfect wedding day  

  7. Professional tools and templates to ensure your wedding is a planned like a pro!

  8. Brief your Reception Venue to ensure that everything goes to plan - online meeting (1) with you and your Reception Venue 4 weeks prior to your Wedding Day to cross check all elements of the event day

  9. Set up your Wedding Site Map with clear layout and direction for all suppliers

  10. Email all your suppliers with the Wedding Venue Map, minute by minute Wedding Day Run Sheet

  11. Create your Wedding Fortnight and Wedding on the Day Run Sheet including collation of your suppliers contacts and deliveries – minute by minute


Its time to make sure you are the Bride, not the wedding planner! This level of help for you from your very own Hidden Bridesmaid is designed to make sure we do the work and you concentrate on being the Bride.  


Watch the stress melt away, the money stay in the bank and all that time returned to your diary.


Your very own Hidden Bridesmaid is here for you; she will listen, she will follow up and she will get things done. 

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*To make it easy for you, your payment for all sessions is made once.

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